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Welcome to Financial Caregiving
We help you make sure your finances and personal business are properly managed
if you need help or are unable to manage things yourself for some reason.
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A TIER* PLAN is the perfect solution to a problem that exists today and puts many people at financial risk. In the future, we predict this will become a standard tool along with estate and financial planning.

The problem?  
You have assets and responsibilities and are private and independent about your finances, personal business and assets (most people are). Suddenly, because of an emergency, illness, extended hospital stay, or other reason, you ask a person you trust to step in and manage your affairs for you. But they don’t know very much about your estate, and yet you want them to do a good job.

The risk?  
While they are scrambling like detectives to figure out what to do, where things are, what assets you have, who to call, what income you receive, how to pay your bills, and protect your property and valuables… monumental problems, confusion and expensive mistakes occur (it happens all the time). And the person who pays is you.  

The solution.  
We are experts at knowing what specific, critical information and instructions you would want to convey to someone you trust, in the event someone had to step in and manage your estate (your life and life savings) for you. And we make it very easy to help you pinpoint the critical information, and tease out the details. Through one or more interviews, and some fact finding, we prepare a well-organized confidential document which you keep in your safety deposit box until or if it is needed.

The goal.
Not only does a TIER PLAN contain detailed, practical information about how to properly manage and protect your assets (the number one goal), but it contains your personal instructions that will help guide the person in making decisions that are truly in your best interest and according to your wishes (in Fiduciary Training 101, we learn what it takes to truly act on behalf of someone else when managing their estate).

Take one easy, affordable step now.
Having a TIER PLAN will help ensure your wishes are carried out, that your estate is protected, and help you and your family avoid considerable stress and misunderstandings.
After all, if you have to temporarily allow someone you trust to manage your money and property, you want them to do a good job!

Click here to see a sampling of a TIER PLAN, and then you’ll want one too.

Help your successor be successful.  

T.I.E.R. = Trustee Instructions & Essential Responsibilities

    For someone who is no longer able or willing to manage 
    their affairs themselves, we are qualified and available,
    as state-licensed private fiduciaries, 
    serve as their Financial Power of Attorney or Trustee / Successor Trustee. 

    Sometimes a friend or family member is unavailable or unable to help in this way.

    At Financial Caregiving, our owner and founder, Vicki Clarke, is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary (CLPF).

    What is a Professional Fiduciary?

    A professional fiduciary is a person who accepts responsibility for looking after the needs and affairs of another person. Trained and licensed by the State of California, professional fiduciaries pass a licensing examination and background check. They are reviewed by the State each year and required to receive further professional training and education.

    Most professional fiduciaries are a member of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California which actively supports the further development of industry regulations and requires members to adhere to the highest standards of ethics and practice.

    "Financial Caregiving" Services

    We provide caring, respectful in-home "practical assistance" to older adults who would like to remain in control of their affairs but want some help with the everyday details and tasks of managing their finances, personal business and assets, like those listed below and many more.

    Sometimes a friend or family member is unavailable or unable to help when you need it (or, when they visit, you might prefer to spend quality time with them rather than put them to work).

    Having a neutral, caring and accountable person by your side can help you avoid costly errors, misunderstandings and even financial abuse.  

    We help you maintain your independence
    and control over your affairs. 

    We listen carefully, carry out tasks
    according to your wishes, and support you
    in the way you want to live your life.  

    We genuinely care about
    protecting you and your estate, and
    making sure things go smoothly for
    you and your family.

    For example, we help with things like:
    • bill paying and record keeping
    • getting set up on “online bill pay” or automatic deposits of income
    • reviewing bills for accuracy (and resolving problems with vendors)
    • protecting clients from financial elder abuse
    • navigating a banking, investment or insurance problem
    • evaluating products and services
    • making sure a person receives all of the income to which they are entitled
    • making sure assets are properly titled
    • applying for government or pension benefits
    • special projects like selling a car or home, giving up an auto license
    • finding resources and qualified experts
    • vetting caregivers and workers for hire
    • gathering information on income and expenses to help with decision-making
    • facilitating family conversations about a client’s estate management

     At Financial Caregiving, our mission is to
    help you feel confident, comfortable and in control, allowing a trusted person to help
    you carry out your everyday financial and personal business tasks, if the need arises.


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