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 Protect Your Financial Security
The only way to make sure your affairs are properly handled, if you are suddenly unable to manage things yourself for some reason, is to document vital information and your personal instructions in advance.

We help you identify, organize and document precise, detailed information and instructions about your affairs, which you may safely store away and then choose to give to someone you trust, at the time you need their help but not necessarily before.

We call this getting "Ready to Delegate".

Getting Ready to Delegate
The greatest advantage to being Ready to Delegate is that you may remain private and independent about your affairs and at the same time be positioned to quickly inform and empower someone you trust, so they can do a good job taking care of whatever is important to you.

The Risks
While your family or friends are scrambling like detectives to figure out what to do, where things are, and what you want... your savings, property and even your income could be at risk. Mistakes often occur because a well-meaning person is lacking information or instructions. 

When mistakes happen, you pay.  Instead, choose peace of mind.

Retain Greater Control Over
Your Affairs and Life Situation

Even if you're lying in a hospital bed, or stranded while traveling, you will feel relief and a greater sense of control over your affairs and life situation knowing you are fully prepared to provide someone you trust with details and personal instructions about whatever is important to you:  your home, bills, valuables, jewelry, property, finances, pets.

Help make sure the person assisting you has all they need to do a good job for you.  

Our Services

Our company mission is to help ensure that the estate of all Americans who need help managing their affairs is properly managed and protected for their benefit and according to their wishes, and to reduce the risk of financial elder abuse nationwide.  

Many of us will, at some point, temporarily - and perhaps suddenly - need help managing our affairs because of illness, accident or aging.  We deserve to have our estate properly managed and protected. 

The role of a fiduciary (the person assisting you) is to ensure your estate is properly managed and protected, on your behalf, for your benefit, and according to your wishes.

We make it easy for you to quickly hone in on and document what will be important to the person you trust to manage your affairs, so they have what they need to do a good job.

We are experts at helping you in this way because we know their job!  We are professionally trained and experienced in managing and protecting the estate of others as a private fiduciary.

One of our greatest strengths is in helping you identify any potential problems your fiduciary may run into, and resolve them now. Problems later on are often very costly, especially if you are legally incapacitated.  When there are mistakes or problems, you are the one who pays.

In addition, we can recommend guidelines and best practices you may want to suggest to anyone who assists you.

The result of our work is a written Fiduciary Plan which can be printed and/or saved in electronic form and stored in a secure place, such as a safety deposit box, until or if it is needed.

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